Importance of Fall Lawn Care

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When spring comes around we all know that, along with (possibly) beautiful weather and green scenery, we’re going to have to start taking care of our lawns again.  When fall comes and the grass stops growing, it is natural to put lawn care out of our minds, but fall is a great time to do a little clean up and preparation for next year.  Whether you are a new home-owner or a seasoned veteran, you know that saving time is often as valuable as saving money.  Here’s a few things to consider that will help you do both:

Lawn Equipment. As with anything, buying lawn equipment out of season is a great way to save money.  Whether you need a new lawn mower, weed whacker, or leaf-blower, you’re sure to find discounted prices on such bigger-ticket items at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot.  If your equipment is worn out after a long season of use, buy replacement items now instead of waiting until prices go up again next summer when everybody else will be going after the same stuff.

à If you aren’t looking to replace your tools and equipment, make sure to keep them in good condition by doing some preventative maintenance.  Give your lawn mower a good cleaning, fill the gas tank with stabilized fuel, and consider sharpening the blade. (For more lawn mower maintenance tips, check out this consumer report.)

Know your weeds. As grass stops growing, so do weeds, and fall is a great time to really kill off some troublesome ones.  Do a little research and identify your weeds before you attack them.  Different weeds require different strategies.  For some types of weeds boiled vinegar (or even boiled water) will be enough to eradicate them.  Be careful not to spread chemicals (vinegar included) around too much, since they can kill your grass too!

Know your grass.  Unlike weeds, you want your grass to grow, and there are several things you can do before winter that will help prepare your lawn for next spring.  Depending on the type of grass you have, you can improve your lawn’s growing potential by aerating or over seeding it.  Different types of grass need different types of care though, so make sure you identify your grass too.

Your lawn functions just like your bank account: you only get out what you put in to it.  If you want it looking robust and healthy, it’s going to take some smart planning and effort.  Do some extra work this fall, and save yourself some trouble next spring.

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