Are you spending more money than you need to?

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You probably dread looking at your bills at the end of every month, because there are so many of them, and they’re so expensive to pay. But one way to reduce the amount of stress you feel over these bills is to reassess how you spend money over the course of the month.



Another area you may spending more than you intend is on expensive services that many people consider necessities these days, but which aren’t, necessarily, the report said. For example, look at the bill your family’s monthly cellphone plan. It can cost a lot of money for a family of four to all have cellphones, especially for those who not only talk and text, but also use data. However, most of these bills also detail exactly how many minutes each phone uses and how many texts they burned through, and examining these trends over the course of a few months might help you figure out whether you’re spending more than you need to for that plan.


Finally, one way you might be able to cut your bills in the long run is to start slashing your credit card debt with larger payments, the report said. It may be more difficult to budget for in the short-term, but the overall savings will be significant.



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