Save Money through Couponing, Without Going to Extremes

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In recent months, you’ve probably heard a lot about the new craze of “extreme couponing” and wondered what it’s all about. There have been numerous articles and even a television show about the extreme couponing craze, in which consumers go to great lengths to reduce their grocery bills. Often, those who are best at it claim you can get thousands of dollars worth of groceries for as little as $10 or $20.


But you don’t need to start spending dozens of hours every week, clipping hundreds of coupons so you’re paying eight cents for a bottle of ketchup to realize significant savings from couponing, according to a report from Snellville Today. However, you can adapt some of their techniques to fit a more sensible method. For example, many extreme couponers keep a big folder for all their bargains so they can go about saving a large amount at once. But if you just keep yours in an envelope, you’ll have a better time keeping track of them. If you find this method to be helpful, you might even want to start separating your coupons into different categories.



Many couponers often learn the deals that will come in their Sunday newspaper every week by joining online groups, and doing the same can help you to better plan your weekly shopping trips, the report said. Along the same lines, you might also benefit from keeping an eye on savings websites that can help you identify deals offered exclusively by manufacturers of products you and your family like best.



However, when combing through the coupons and other discounts you can find every week, you should be careful to find those for products on your shopping list, rather than tailor your shopping list to items you don’t buy regularly, the report said. Why spend $2 on frozen peas because you have a coupon for 35 cents off if you weren’t going to buy frozen peas in the first place?


Finally, make sure you use your coupons in a timely manner, the report said. Many carry expiration dates that can come and go without the offer being used, meaning you spent some time searching for, clipping and saving them unnecessarily.


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